Sunday, 12 June 2005

Rugby was the winner on the day!

What a weekend for rugby - apart from the tragic performance of the Kaviti on Friday (and full admission to being torn a little - I mean at least one moment of magic please). No matter the Cavalier on College Hill provided a great venue for the rugby - playing "retro" tunes (lucky for Ellie, Emma and Kirsteen the babies made in the 80s!!) and meeting strange chicks that have broken up from their fiances. We moved on post-rugby (and attempts at karoake where there was no machine!). The rugby became a distant reminder and much dancing and entertainment provided by those St Mary's girls was had. We eventually moved into Saturday when we had to get organised to head to Hamilton!

Well that was a game worth watching - the Maori did not disappoint. There was a sea of red in Hamilton that was impressive but thankfully the "pussycats" were going to be sent to Wellington disappointed. We were still elated as we walked back to the hotel (at the opposite end of the city!) filled with pizza and beer.

So that was enough rugby I think for one weekend!! Eeeuch back to reality and start the new working - think another holiday back to Sydney might be needed.


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