Sunday, 5 June 2005

Welcome to the first instalment

After truly giving up on the idea of getting a blog off the ground (thanks to the archaic restrictions imposed on cgi scripting and php by the useless folks at Paradise - anyone use these guys notice that they have one of the worst web mail interfaces which hasn't been modified since 2000!). I digress.. I have finally decided upon a 3rd party host that as my friend Jo has shown is really not a bad way to go at all!

I gotta say using this site has been made so easy - these guys really know what they are doing!

Anyway its an awful rainy Queen's Birthday weekend (I am sure the Queens' are having way more fun than I am at any rate). Auckland is finally feeling the bitter cold that is winter (we can't have temperatures in the late teens for too much longer I guess). Ron had his birthday yesterday and we celebrated with pizza (this is really a treat for dieters!) and a great Brazilian movie - seriously good and thoroughly recommended 'Carandiru'.


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