Thursday, 7 July 2005

What have you done today to make yourself proud?

Aah the inimitable lyrics of M-People. How did this pearler of positive thinking end up back in my consciousness post-chart topping days? Well it was the theme song for the CLANZ conference in Napier (Corporate lawyers - yawn - I lie their programme was amazing!) at the end of May and it hasn't left me since.

So I examined this with all the foresight and hindsight I could muster and have decided that it really best encapsulated how I feel about my achievements and contributions. So if you will now even find that statement emblazoned on my whiteboard in my bathroom!! (yeah in case that escaped you, there is indeed a whiteboard in the bathroom - we can save that story for another time!).

And it would appear that my way of thinking is not quite as hairbrained or kaftan-inspired as it may first appear! I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed recently by a company that really lived out a business culture based on the Fish! philosophy. One which I was not acquainted with. These guys impressed me. My "interview" consisted of their Sales Manager bubbling with enthusiasm about the company, it's growth, potential and the real emphasis on their values. They believed it and lived it. Eat your heart out Reed Elsevier - LexisNexis nonsense! Fish! meant to these people that they were more than the roles that they filled and their "work hard - play hard" ideal was actually working. None of this work hard till you drop, decide to leave and then we will make the entire experience as undignified as possible routine, or you're either with us or against us mentality that has prevailed in some organisations close to home.

If we all adopted at least one element of this philosophy in our daily lives, at home or at work - imagine the chain reaction. Pass it forward.

Create change.


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