Monday, 8 August 2005

Auckland City Council - Incompetence personified

Wonders will never cease. Early in April our registration plates were stolen so we got them promptly replaced, and reported the incident to the police. We even got the certificate of registration in the mail so we thought everything had been sorted out.

It was inevitable that the pricks that had our stolen plates would eventually be picked up for having no warrant or rego - nearly 10 days after they had been reported stolen. So along comes the reminder in the mail that thankfully included the original tickets. Yes yes of course they were issued to a car bearing the stolen plates, but no no no the City Council in its infinite wisdom decided to change the reminder notice to our new plates!!!!!! What what what? Sorry?!!! Since when were people registered not cars???

So a very detailed letter was sent outlining the stolen plate situation, a fully registered, warranted and legitimate vehicle etc etc and well of course the fact that the Council had provided falsified evidence by using another number plate when it was not the car that committed the offence. We get a reply from the Council assuring the notices were cancelled but of course no apologies for the inconvenience or their sheer stupidity.

Two months later we get two Court Fines!!!!! Ron contacted the Courts to find out what to do and they tell him that we need to contact the Council to get them to withdraw the fines. We didn't check the offence numbers thinking they were the very same two we got earlier. I called Gordon Belcher of the Council and a more disagreeable person could not be found. The fines were in fact different ones than the earlier two and because we don't have the original tickets Belcher had the audacity to claim their parking warden was indeed correct and it was our car that had committed the offence because that is what written on the ticket!! When I pointed it was physically impossible for the car to have been there (in my car park in Takapuna!!) and impossible for it to have incurred those fines (a warranted and registered car). According to Belcher, it was our fault that we hadn't contacted them earlier (even when I pointed out that we had received no reminder notices). He then tried to implicate that the LTSA was at fault and had we called them? When I asked him what for - he said because they are giving out the wrong details??!!!

I do not know what planet this ignoramous comes from but the only entity responsible for falsifying details and then trying to use that in Court (!!?? what??!! is there not a responsibility for the plaintiff to identify the offender here??) is the Auckland City Council.

We have dutifully submitted yet another statement to the Council and have to wait until they withdraw the notice - is there not an apology in order here? Does Dick Hubbard have any idea how incompetent the Council he heads is???

We have been the victim of a crime and now bear responsibility for any offences the perpetrators commit?? I don't think so - the moment it was reported stolen and was replaced with legitimate plates, we absolved all association with those plates. Its about time the NZ justice system caught up - its not different to identity theft and we know what havoc this has called in so many innocent peoples lives in NZ recently.

Keep you posted on the bureaucracy that has gone mad...


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