Monday, 10 October 2005

Let's get retarded...

Let's get retarded!! The weather turned to custard on 8 October and the Supertop just about blew away (well according to it did!) but BEP being the consummate professionals changed venue at the last minute to the St James which was much better - more intimate and fantastic opportunity to see the whole show (not just their heads!). The show was incredible and even though they had to do a second performance at 11pm they gave it their all and there has to be something said for not pissing about too much in between tracks. It was tight and pumping the whole show.

BEP know how much kiwis love them and they grooved to some fine remixes in dub/reggae style - they must well know that if you want to keep kiwis movin' try anything with a Marley-feel!!

But a really big highlight for me and the icing on the cake was having the show opened by John Legend and "wow wow wow"! I was a dribbling mess. This is one gorgeous man with a voice that sounded like hot molasses. He is so beautiful and another hour of listening to him would have been very nice thank you. Can't wait till he comes back with his own show because this is one awesomely talented individual.

AAAAhhhh sigh!!!


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