Friday, 23 December 2005

Santa Claus is coming..

The silly season is well upon us now! Been in Wellington for the last week now, and although I was supposed to have been on leave since Thursday - I ended up having to work today (the only advantage of always holidaying in the same city as HQ). Either way I made some more money for LNNZ and undoubtedly the "European Union" running the show will ensure that no credit is awarded for the effort.

ANYWAY, I digress. We are down to the last few presents and there is a mild form of panic taking place but considering I didn't know what to get them a month ago, the last minute thing really is to be expected in the circumstances!! Xmas Day is shaping up to be another marathon between families and involving more food than we would know what to do with! We're heading back to Auckland to go on a diet! I swore off drinking after efforts on Wednesday but feeling remarkably better 48 hours later - sadly lost a full 24 hours as a result but that is my fault for congregating with younger stupider people - ever learning the lesson of not mixing business with pleasure (which can be a fine line from some insurmountable pain!).

Caught up with Pete which was great - the trips down are always so busy and occupied that time to just sit and chat seems to pass us by. The silly season seems to be also the time that I get to hear from people after great absences and none was more delightful for me than hearing from Michael from New Jersey. After nearly 8 (or is it 10 now??? I know I met him before I started law school??) of communicating care of an introduction through one of those dodgy places called chatrooms (which I haven't done in more years than I can remember) we finally reestablished contact after nearly a four year gap. I still haven't made it to New Jersey but hey one day I will! And his daughter Taylor is nearly at school.

The smell of the UK is now around the corner and the next couple of weeks are now going to be all about planning. Thinking of spending some time before I leave simply contracting and get some head space around me while we try and work out how Ron will get over there to work. Bye bye house deposit - hello pints and fish n' chips!

Right back to wrapping the presents and writing the last of the Christmas cards! Won't be contributing any more until after the big day so to anyone that bothers reading my crap (that would be me and perhaps one other!) - Meri Kirihimete! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Natale Allegro! Manuia le Kerisimasi and Happy Hannukah etc etc


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