Monday, 12 December 2005

Weekend in Wellington

Well the annual LexisNexis Xmas soiree was on again this last weekend so Ron and I tottled down to Wellington on Thursday night. I suffered through the 'company workshop' which as usual turned out to be the "look at me" marathon it always is. So by the evening we were well ready to be decked out in our finest to the Icon Restaurant at the Te Papa Museum. The weather had turned to custard so with the humid conditions and wind whipping up a storm I suffered a hair crises and was rescued by Davina and her fine other half Renee who are the proud owners of the ol' ghd tongs. So we arrived at Te Papa and jumped out of the cab only to be swept away - hair and dress and all! So with hand carefully on head and clutching skirt in other hand we attempted to enter the red carpet gracefully. This year's theme was the Oscars and everyone went to such great effort to look fabulous. Ron had his hair done as well (he is growing increasingly enamoured at the thought of being a house husband and having hair appointments!) and so he was the star (will download photos later so you can see for yourself). Hands down tho' John Lulich starring as Priscilla Queen of the Desert stole the show. Got photos of that too! The food was good and the bubbles flowed (thankfully) - nearly missed dinner myself while I played counseller in the ladies for over half an hour and kept wondering how I get myself into these situations! But after more hilarity at dessert - which I really did miss out on thanks to a very entertaining and inebriated company accountant (recently made redundant) who inhaled my dessert while I chatted to Kirsteen's Ed. I dared him to try the same again with the MD's dessert and low and behold - he DID! I had a new found respect for him then which dissipated once we hit the dancefloor and we argued over who was going to lead! Do I look like the kind of person that is 'led'??? We finally hit town, and I limped to Maya (after all we were the last ones to leave the dancefloor of course!). Stuck it out for a while but had to call it quits when Corinne could barely stand, Ellie wanted Mackers, and witnessing Tiny Tim crack on to some not so nice birds became all too much really (and my feet were no longer in the forgiving mood). By that stage the devilishly handsome duo Kirsteen and Ed had gone and we were no longer entertaining us with their dance moves (I swear that boy has to be brown!).

Saturday was recovery and it really was - my desire to shop was non-existant and we only made it as far as Lambton Quay before we decided that sleep was a better idea. Mum came and collected us and then we checked out the new and improved Karori Library (a place that I spent much of my youth!). It was looking pretty fabulous so we decided to also trial the the Arobake cafe that has set up shop there. As always their delectable baked goods lived up to its reputation however their service seriously let them down. It took them 10-12mins to serve up two iced coffees and a pot of tea and the over tired waiting staff were less than amenable. If this keeps up I don't know why anyone would bother going back there. Especially as Karori has never been a location to offer much in the way of casual dining (excluding Cafe 162 which continues to serve a great selection in a relaxed and friendly environment and is where we ended up having dinner that night). We then dropped in and saw Nani at her new apartment which was very cute for a shoe box then headed to Kamil's to endure a night of pure entertainment with Siddhant (who MCed all night) and Prashant. The mini one's sugar intake earlier in the day ensured that he was fully wired till near on midnight when the tired travellers had to get home and crash in order to make our 8.30am flight (what was I thinking??!).

The weather was fantastically hot and we're looking forward to heading back on Friday in time to make Johanna's wedding and then meet up with Nita when she arrives from Melbourne on Tuesday.


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