Monday, 9 January 2006

Hi ho hi ho ... it's off to work we go...

Well it certainly is for most. Having worked an extra day before the Xmas break I decided starting work today may be too much for the system. So I am happily trying to get through my last day getting through emails and organising ourselves for the big departure. On the weekend we managed to spend an exorbitant amount of money at Kathmandu so that we too like every other kiwi traveller have their logo emblazoned across everything we own (Foa continues to enjoy his job as we alone pay one employee's entire wages for the week in one shopping trip!) . Figured it gives us some time to pay it all off! It was also a good excuse to catch up with Alan on his return from the subcontinent sporting rather dashing Leninist facial hair! We took him to our favourite grungy cafe (the one with with great coffee and furniture that someone threw into their skip!). We then did the Queen Street traverse to bookshops spotting the cheapest copies of Lonely Planet guides we could get our mitts on.

I found myself really only starting to feel like I have been relaxing in the last few days and much of that has come from actually doing absolutely nothing (that doesn't include cleaning the spare room or curtains etc!) and staying at home. And the sudden realisation that I haven't done this in over a year, spent more than three days at home in a row. I wonder what statistics would show have been the number of people that have contemplated resigning upon their return? I have spoken to at least two other people that indicated that this was their intention (ok let's be realistic it was a fleeting fancy that seemed like a good idea at the time) and how many actually went through with it! I am sure that would be a startlingly interesting study to carry out, there must be some shock to the system now that people have to contemplate returning to the confine of artificially lit offices? I could use another week I think at least - that would be rather nice but given that I might have to contemplate perhaps far greater lengths of time out of work and unable to pay the power bill I may as well just wait till that day arrives!

One of the things I learned about myself during this break is that I have become increasingly anthropophobic, not of people in general which would be the accurate definition but of people that have an inane need for my constant attention. I find myself getting increasingly irritable and wanting to scream "pi$$ off" - I may need to look into this as I am questioning their sanity whereas my own may be in question!! I mean they aren't stalking because they demand to know why I haven't returned their text message or phone call within the hour are they? I have accumulated three people that have developed these tendancies recently and I am trying to control the urge to scream - promise!!

Oh by the way according to the phobia list I also suffer from ergophobia - the fear of work!! Well I must go and actually enjoy what time I have left today - need to run a few errands but I am in no rush!!


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