Monday, 2 January 2006

Resolutions 06

Happy happy new year! well I guess it was in some parts and not so in others. After some glorious days post-Xmas days the weather has turned on us again and there is a nice old storm heading up the country to keep us all indoors before we have to go back to work- well all those books are still waiting for me I guess!

After a late night the night before with a BBQ at home with Rasik, Priya and David - Ranita's guests, on New Year's Eve we headed up to Tawharanui for a day on the beach. Truly breathtaking and beautiful day to be out. Of course sand reliably got in everywhere but it was worth it. The water was warm and had a couple of dips to keep cool. Ranita who was visiting Auckland for the last 5 days managed to sleep for the duration (I distinctly heard snoring!) and when he wasn't swimming or eating, so did Ron! Our ability to party in the new year was severely diminished with us arriving back home after 8pm and all in dire need of a "nana-nap". We settled for watching 'The Closet' (en francais) instead, accompanied by feijoa vodka and Ch'i ; before making a half baked attempt at going to town for the countdown and spent a further half hour stuck in inner city traffic. Once in the city the "carnival" atmosphere described in the city paper the next morning was mildly boring for those that weren't inebriated - us, and it was impossible to find a nice hot cup of coffee which I needed to wake me up to drive home again. I am gettting too old for this lark!! We were relieved after reading/hearing news reports not to have ended up at Whangamata as originally intended and by all accounts it was much the same at many of the local holiday spots. Thankfully we aren't experiencing the Australian heat waves, although that didn't stop Ranita complaining of the heat in our living room overnight.

Ranita left early this morning to return to Wellington for a few days before heading back to Melbourne on Friday. Three weeks have gone by extremely fast and I dread to even contemplate the return to work, although with certain plans afoot this may be shortlived anyway. With all the dramas the last few weeks of 2005 at LN entailed I'll be glad to focus on my own plans.

Apart from work, it also seems to be a continuing nuptial season with Paul and Miriam (my first ever introduction?) tying the knot in Auckland at the end of this month and the very recent news that Pramita got engaged and is due to wed in May. She managed to keep that one nice and quiet and unfortunately we will not be following the fandamily to the ceremony in Fiji this time with travel further afield on the cards. With all this pressure I may have to commit - but not any time soon so don't hold your breath!!!


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