Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Calling All Women

The title of a wonderful poem by the artist, actress, activist, thought leader Ruby Dee I first heard her recite in an episode from Season 3 of the show "Iconoclasts". New Zealanders would recognise her as the matriarch Nanna Maria in "No 2" again in a reflection of her infinite talent, Ms Dee plays this role of the Fijian grandmother with skill and grace. No easy feat for a woman who grew up in Harlem.

The inspirational Ms Dee exchanges ideas and share with the modern day poet , musician and philanthropist Alicia Keys ( This episode witnessing the mutual admiration of someone who shall enter history books as having contributed so much to her community, country and art alongside an exquisitely beautiful being that is still leaving her mark on the world today was a sight to behold. I was overwhelmed by it, captivated, left with goosebumps and brought to tears.

Keys asks the question what does it mean to be the proprietor of your destiny? Dee describes her as an old soul having returned to finish what she started, and given her success, confidence and fortitude in her short life she is certainly a leader of our generation.
Together they have in their own way navigated the gender gap, the racial divide and the artistic critique demonstrating consistently that the challenges that are thrown into our path serve to boost our trajectory in life if we choose to treat them as such.
Inspired greatly by these two women I hope you too might take a few moments to get to know them better in their art and in the lives they lead.
For a synopsis of the episode of Iconoclasts mentioned check out
A copy of this fine poem that is as relevant today as the day as it was written (1987, published in her book One Good Nerve) is reproduced here.


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