Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Salmon - prepared twitter style!

Stumped for some ideas on how to prepare salmon fillet this evening (one of my favourite fish) I put the call out to twitter.  Foodies abound in the twitterverse along with some generally really awesome people.  Tonight I had the resounding input of some of my favourite twitter folk - @merejames, @DoTheWoo, @Akagrp and @Donology - this post is for you entirely!

After providing me with a mixture of suggestions I discovered I was missing at least one ingredient from each idea! So I improvised!  Relying on some internet searching and recommendations I created the balsamic glaze with the addition of za'atar (Israeli in origin and similar to dukka - no almond flakes) and sumac.  Next time I'd leave the za'atar out simply because the marjoram is a little pungent for the delicate fish but as the glaze is only applied to the flesh side of the fillet the taste didn't overwhelm.

Served on a bed of baby spinach with stuffed eggplant & pumpkin (looking a little worse for wear cos well I'd had 3 glasses of wine by then and had left it in the oven!!).

So thanks my delightful twitter friends - I had fun but no I did not video (see reference to 3 glasses of wine before dinner!).


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