Saturday, 10 April 2010

Soul Food

One of the lasting memories from Laura Esquivel’s novel Como Agua para Chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate) was the expression of one’s passion through cooking and serving food.  Watching Bridget Davis , the Internet Chef at work certainly drew on this memory.  Gentle and rhythmic in her style she effortlessly engages with her guests while skilfully in charge of a masterpiece she is creating in her hands.  In an age when the world of the Chef is beamed into our homes we witness the cult of personality that goes along with the industry. It can be loud, raucous, arrogant and infamous.  It’s easy to overlook the talent behind it. 
The Internet Chef and her talented partner the infamous @Iconic88 have embarked on a wonderful event, an intimate breakfast degustation where you get to experience the genius.  An invitation to one of these events is not to be missed so I was so honoured to join them and their eminent guests at a breakfast like no other.
Bridget takes you on a gastronomic journey where you are in left with no doubt that she is creating an experience for her guests.  She wears a beautiful expression of love and generosity as she describes each dish and quietly observes the reactions to her dishes.  There is no pomp and ceremony but just exquisite dishes that delight.  And they do! Already there is magic in what she does...she puts the taster at the centre?!  One of the words used that morning to describe Bridget’s dishes that morning was “sensuous” and it is a fitting description of the dining experience she delivers to her guests. 
I am no foodie so I will steer clear of glowing descriptions of the marvellous ingredients (which they were of course) however I will add I didn’t get this way from looking at the pictures! I appreciate the effort and talent required to achieve balance while tantalising tastebuds.  During a previous conversation with Bridget I realised I had the pleasure of dining at one of her restaurants in Auckland more than 6 years ago (where I discovered I had a food allergy I did not know about, and figured if I didn’t pass out, just keep going it was so good!).  I immediately recalled how ‘heart warming’ the menu was even back then.  Bridget has undoubtedly mastered her craft further since those days and her talents have clearly not gone unnoticed by those on this side of the Tasman.
I left the event walking on air and swearing I would be doing more exciting things with cayenne pepper soon!
Thank you my beautiful generous friends Bridget & Mahei for bringing together such a delightful group of people to enjoy your alchemy!
You can join Bridget yourself at an exciting Media 140 event coming up in May where Sydney’s foodies can go nuts!
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