Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sketch | The littlest asylum-seeker - Robin Dickinson

Following on from my previous post about the right to seek asylum, I am so warmed by this beautiful image from Robin Dickinson. One of the tasks that made my life a little more bearable as a refugee determination officer was interviewing children. Less to do with deciding the claim but more as a way to reward them for waiting so patiently in the reception (sometimes in excess of 4 hours).

They were always wide-eyed and full of hope and my 'interviews' with them often entertained their parent & their legal counsel. It was also the one small way I could make them feel important enough to have their 'own' interview. We often discussed school, teachers, their impressions of this new strange country they wanted to call home, and their future dreams. It was the only time during that career that I could be brought to visible tears.

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