Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Annual Five Chefs Dinner - Starlight Children's Foundation

I agonise over my significant other's birthday every year and after 11 of them I have learned that crowds, people and fuss don’t go down well so I agreed to his request for a movie night together. Of course I wanted to make sure that it had some "pizazz" and attempted to get Gold Class tickets. Mistake on all counts given it was opening night of “Sex and the City 2” – every single premium class ticket in Sydney was dedicated to it and I wasn’t entirely convinced that the seating experience would be enough to get him there!  In the meantime while a friend honestly believed I would subject him to SATC2 I received a phone call from a business colleague inviting me to join his table at the Starlight Children’s Foundation Five Chefs Dinner

I’ll admit I hadn’t even heard of it (no an event chaser I am not) before but given his description of the event and previous dining experiences with him I knew it would not disappoint. Bit of searching online and links sent to the beau, the budding ‘foodie’ was easily persuaded and agreed to the change of plans.

Sydney skies had opened up that night and after battling the weather and road conditions arriving at the Four Seasons was a welcome relief.  The ballroom was filled to capacity with little room between tables.  It smelled like money and given the results of both the silent and “extremely audible” auctions they were in a giving mood! All joking aside, many of the celebrities in the room at consistent risk of derision made their support of the work of the Starlight Foundation known.

Channel Nine’s Lisa Wilkinson MC’d, Stu Gregor mastered the auctions and the guests were served delectable dishes created by Sydney’s finest Chefs.   Each course was perfectly matched by a selection of Australian wines selected by Stu Gregor and his team. Pete Murray entertained and it was rumoured there were a few at the tables wondering how to bid for time with him! Unfortunately I was unable to sample two of the courses, however there were plenty at the table that were happy to relieve me of my course!

Here are a few pics from the night which I hope will tantalise your tastebuds a little.  The list of restaurants I want to visit in Sydney is ever increasing at this rate!

A host of amazing Captain Starlights , energetic young people who make children’s stays in hospital bearable entertained the crowds on the night. They were warm, bubbly and just what the doctor ordered. I see careers in children’s television for these guys they are charming and confident.

Frankly none of this is relevant nor newsworthy, what matters most is WHY.  View for yourself what an impact the Foundation has on the lives of Aussie kids and their families:
And I parted with some serious cash (for my wallet) and took home the ‘Doona Day’ package perfect for keeping us entertained at home and scratching our heads over what to do about not owning any Blu-ray discs!


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