Tuesday, 1 June 2010

THE SAPPHIRES are in town...

After taking a stand about National Reconciliation Week last week I must have pleased the Gods because I was fortunate enough to receive tickets to attend the Company B Belvoir production of "The Sapphires".

A matinee session (my favourite kind to be honest) on a rainy soaked Sydney was fantastic. Made even better by the last minute addition of Twitter friend @FrancieJones who made rapid childcare arrangements to join us. We met @Pixel8ted at the Seymour Centre and then bunkered in for the show.

The synopsis could not fully prepare you for what a fine local production this is. Yes you could assume with the recognised voices of Casey Donovan and Christine Anu that the singing would be more than passable but the fantastic acting performances accented by exceptional voices make this a thoroughly enjoyable show to enjoy with friends.

Throughout you are reminded by the events of the day and the challenges of being a Koori with dreams that can't be realised by the legacy of your birth.

But I can't leave this post without making a special mention of Casey Donovan's performance. Her time in the Australian public eye has never been a smooth road, but seeing her as Cynthia Mccrae you are left in no doubt that she is an exceptionally talented woman. She delivers a gutsy natural performance and envelops the audience with ease. She really is deadly!

The season is limited (to 20 June) so if you are in the mood to celebrate Australian talent, this is worth catching. You'll be singing and beaming all the way out!

P.S Motown tunes always make me smile!

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