Sunday, 15 August 2010

Navigating troubled teenage waters...the black dog

Closing off the last week posed some personal challenges for me and then as the Universe does, my father sent me a link to this clip. He wasn't privy to the conversation that I had with my mother the day before but somehow knew I needed to see this and acquaint myself with this exceptional human being, Nick Vujicic.

For obvious reasons Nick is remarkable, but for me this week not more so than for his ability to connect with teenagers - in a completely, open, non-judgemental, loving way that guides them to realise there is way out from the darkness they're trapped in.

This resonated with me because I learned that a family friend, 15 years old, attempted his life a couple of weeks ago... again. The news left me feeling winded and deeply saddened. those of you following my tweet stream may have caught this post ( Such a beautiful boy - kind, thoughtful, generous and the makings of a superb young man. His darkness stems from a period of bullying and parents ill prepared to deal with the emotional and mental toll of it. School counselling was not enough to address the fact that the black dog had paid a visit and was not planning on leaving any time soon.

I found myself realising that I shared his darkness at that age, and never ever took into account the impact of my feelings had on those beyond my immediate family. The aching I feel for this child today serves as a cruel reminder that had my own actions been borne out back then how many people beyond my world view (as narrow as it was) would have hurt as well. I couldn't appreciate or fathom that anyone would or could care. So I totally get what pushed this boy over the edge.

The tears on my cheeks are for this boy who doesn't appreciate how much he matters. The tears on my cheeks are for all of those who can't see how much they matter because this darkness is blinding, choking and all pervading. We still live in a society that ill prepares us to assist those that need us to care.

And in spite of all this - my deepest gratitude to Nick Vujicic for daring to care and demonstrating that the limits that we face are truly our own. Thank you for sharing so many lessons with me this week.

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