Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fresh coriander leaves? Yes you can store it...!

Coriander, once such a difficult herb to source in this part of the world, is a staple in the Indian/Asian/Middle Eastern diet.  It's zingy freshness can enhance the simplest of dishes and every part of it including the roots add flavour. Unfortunately it is a fairly fragile herb and has to be used fairly quickly after purchase.
We've tried and experimented with all sorts of ways to keep it fresher for longer in our household and with grocery shopping being an inconvenient chore you really want the coriander leaves to last just that much longer! 
The system that has worked well for me and meant there is green leaves for me to use for at least 7-10 days is the following:
- Thoroughly wash the bunches under the tap;
- Place in a salad spinner (like you use for lettuce leaves) and spin the leaves as dry as possible;
- Line an airtight container with thick absorbent paper towels;
- Cut off the roots of the bunches (wrap these in cling wrap and freeze - perfect for finely chopping for no-cook asian dipping sauces);
- Pack leaves in container;
- Top with a double layer of thick absorbent paper towels.

I've tried this with mint as well (the soft leaf variety) and have found it to work quite well.  The combination of keeping the leaves dry and away from oxygen add just that much longer to it's shelf life - and just long enough for me before getting the next bunch!

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