Saturday, 6 November 2010

Flo and her Lunar Lady Friend

No kids not a short story I'm writing at the moment, in fact I'm pondering the contents of this post as I tap away even now. Pity you can't witness the process of selecting a "suitable image" (because visual aids are awesome!)!  Why are we tied to the need to hide behind these ridiculous references??  I suspect my female friends already grasped the euphemism (aided gracefully by the accompanying awkwardness) and know what I'm about to discuss. Hang on to your hats fellas, you're about to go "no thanks"!!
Isn't that the kicker? Menstruation folks, menstruation. Conjurs up all sorts of mysterious imagery, and occasionally female empowerment but for me more often than not, its a few choice expletives over the painkillers and amount of cash chucked at the whole ordeal over the years.
It was a twitter discussion among the galpals that I caught the tail end of that got me thinking. Fortunately for me the delightful @HelenPerris had been gracious enough to give me the run down on the menstrual cup - something that had completely escaped me. They are by no means new, there's some chatter about them being around since the 70s - well 'whatever' I screech! Where the hell was that information when I was thrust packets of tampons and the latest and greatest in sanitary napkins to choose from the eh?
With the $AUD travelling as well as it has been I decided to not think too hard and ordered a Mooncup from the UK.  Their delivery times are slow but well within the timeframes they themselves have set.  I'll be honest  I was daunted. Thankfully it had arrived well in time for me to have a decent psychological build up!  My trepidation is a minor exagerration! It is really not as difficult as it sounds and there is plenty of material on the web to assist if panic sets in. I found insertion fairly trouble free, but was a little more challenged by removal. Technique ra ther than design seemed to be at fault and I had to be prepared for for a few 'accidents'. I did recall that learning to use tampons wasn't without its challenges and this was pretty similar.
On the whole, I am convinced. Overnight it was brilliant. Absolutely no leaks which I can never guarantee with mainstream sanitary products. The massive reduction in products used and disposed off in a single month confirmed for me the "green" impact it can have. I experienced some discomfort which was not onerous but just felt "odd" to begin with. I used a liner as well because I was yet to be convinced of its efficacy but on the whole I was convinced. The other opportunity of using this type of product was that I learned more about my cycle in that one month than I had in years. The volume guides printed on the side meant I could better guage how heavy my cycle was.  Next time a doctor tells me "its only a few teaspoons" I can shake the bugger by their stethescope and remind them the day of an untouchable medical profession are over.  I do support the arguments in favour of using a menstrual cup - they're pretty sound on the whole and I haven't sprouted mung beans, danced in fields of daisies or stopped styling my hair in the process.  Its about choice - I'm exercising mine.
So while it is not my intent to convince or educate on the subject, I did want to share my experience. There are a number of resources available online to answer any specific questions (and I am sure you have them!). There are also some crazies on YouTube who I have enjoyed watching too, cos' they're just mental!
Here's one video that does a fairly thorough job of evaluating all the different varieties available:


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