Saturday, 22 January 2011

Berry Pancakes with Palm Sugar & Lime - tastes like summer!

By the time I get to the weekend I am emptying the fridge again, turfing out leftovers and ingredients that were consumed over the week. Even the beagles score some leftovers along side their additive-free dog food (humans shouldn't be the only ones to have a weekend breakfast right?).

This morning I was making room for more summer fruit from the markets and a way to tempt a sleeping Mr T out of bed. I resorted to the smell of fresh coffee and pancakes.

He doesn't like maple syrup (along with other strange food preferences) so instead I put the berries in a lime and palm sugar syrup (the latter to cut through the tartness of both the limes and the fruit - comprising of one small shaved tab of palm sugar with a half a lime). By "soak" I mean literally resting in the syrup while I make the pancakes.  Then a dollop of Gippsland yoghurt. Mission accomplished, no waste (score!) and now I can do the grocery shopping without feeling guilty and there's a happy pup who liked the sapasui and rice (samoan chop suey) she had and is now sunbathing!

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