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Degustation brought to you by Flying Fish

The restaurant is well known in Sydney - visitors would love the location because it's a little off the "beaten track" but that is part of the charm - you can understand why Sydney-siders are so deeply passionate about their city when you visit places like Jones' Bay.  There are reviews a plenty and frankly I should have read @notquitenigella's before going there (though Mr T in fact did and still missed this bit) because I like her spent the time wandering around in more sensible heels but a whippy-up dress that I was praying was not going to truly embarrass me, and truly impressive wind gusts. I can also than her for getting Mr T to book us in there  as I had been wanting to go for a while.  Mr T commented on how fantastic the booking system was - full points there. For someone who will not pick up the phone at the best of times, the online booking system is extremely efficient.

We were early (unusual for us but the Tomtom was remarkably accurate and smarter than we give it credit for). This gave us a chance to sit out the front in the comfy outdoor setting and sip on a Bellini for me and delightful rosé for Mr T. This unfortunately caused us to run a little late to dine and we were not sure whether we would be shown to our table and able to take our drinks or whether we should ask if our table was ready. We did the latter. Thankfully too as we were embarking on a long journey through the menu.

As it was our first time there and a special occasion we decided to sample the degustation menu. It was an ambitious effort so late in the evening for people who are used to being in bed by 10pm! We decided to add a sneaky 4 x meagre serve sampling of fresh Pambula oysters –  they are sold in singles and it was lucky we thought to limit our order in retrospect but at the time I could have dined on them alone! The sweet creaminess of them had me itching for a dry crisp champagne to go with it!  My central otago pinot gris ably satiated the thirst (for an additional $75/head you can have the accompanying wine but at $150/head for the degustation and additional drinks we weren’t prepared to take out a 2nd mortgage on our first visit!).

Peter Kuruvita and his team have embraced social media and we were contacted several times over twitter before we arrived including letting us know where we could find parking. Their site makes it really easy to become a big fan and they’re building a community around them.  They did ask me if I intended on taking photos or blogging.

The table service is good and unassuming, we did struggle to understand our waiter’s description of the dishes (wish we had kept a copy of the menu but “guess the flavours” is a favourite game of mine!) and he kept addressing Mr T who is partially deaf! Unfortunately the young lady taking our orders was not as familiar with the dishes as I would expect from a restaurant of this calibre.  We coped.

The menu was well suited for the stifling humidity we’ve been experiencing recently. The early courses were ‘cooling’ foods that helped curb your body heat from rising as you start to eat (and really making a degustation a challenge!).    Have shared some snaps from our dining experience (please forgive the amateur photography), check out the menu, you will easily be able to discern the dishes.  We were both in agreement that the seared tuna and the soft shell crab were stand outs on the menu. The feature of both sheep’s milk and goat’s milk products in three of the courses, did not suit my palate but were creative in their use.  Our return venture will be to be experience the a la carte, but in the mean time we better go back to saving some money!

Flying Fish
Jones Bay Wharf

Lower Deck
19-21 Pirrama Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009

T: (02) 9518 6677
F: (02) 9660 9026


Please note that there is a 1.5% surcharge on credit cards which we failed to note on the menu and I find remarkable given the kind of money that would move through there.  We were not guests of either the restaurant or Peter Kuruvita and paid for our meal in full.

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