Saturday, 8 January 2011

North Island Road Trip - what's on our itinerary? You decide!

So after a long absence I'm finally returning home to New Zealand at the end of February and I am really excited about the prospect. Thanks to Twitter I've been able to note so many real changes in my old haunt, Auckland. And I want to live and experience it all!  We're heading into Auckland then driving to Tauranga to attend friends' wedding.  After that wraps up the plan is to get to Wellington to see our families and friends.

We're used to driving to Wellington in record time, we did it for six years and got it down to a fine art. I don't want to this time, its my first break since July after a really hectic end to 2010 and I want to take in all the sights, drink lots of coffee, eat great local produce, take lots of photos and meet some tweeps while I'm at it!

Whether you're a local or recently vacationer tell me what you did, saw, tried and would recommend. And really after a couple of years on Twitter, trying to harness some of that magic!  Its easy when its your home to overlook some of the special opportunities because you end up sticking with what you know. I'm counting on you to help me NOT do that!

So the clock starts now... for six weeks I'm going to put together an itinerary of sights and experiences that we can do either en route or to share with the people we're catching up with. Can't wait to hear what you guys recommend! xox

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