Monday, 14 March 2011

The Elbow Room - Wine O'Clock in Herne Bay

To avoid the horrendous downpour causing the usual Auckland traffic chaos we decided to pass up sitting on the motorway south and duck into Herne Bay for what was intended on being a brief meet-up with my niece but ended up enjoying a lovely leisurely beverage at the Elbow Room.  There are a selection of venues on Jervois Road to choose from and I have fond memories of fun dinners at nearby Erawan Thai (housed in beautiful old bungalow with a wrap-around deck).

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Having caught the early crowd we spotted a group of new mums happily enjoying a bottle of Pinot Gris with babes in laps and prams you get a delightful insight into the noveau-riche professional residents of Herne Bay.  Eleven years ago arriving in Auckland as a young woman I would probably have avoided the area, on this visit it suddenly dawned on me that I am the demographic for that location now!

We enjoyed the relaxed feel of this bar that perhaps if located on this side of the Tasman would have been fully loaded with all the pretension that goes along with it.  The sumptuous interiors with a delicious olde-worlde theme and the handsome and friendly barman made for a lovely escape from the rain. 

We left with one mystery intact however, why I was given an unsolicited glass of water while seated outside while the husband wasn't certainly raised his eyebrow and left me wondering whether I had embarrassed myself on the goblet of PG I was imbibing??  It provided enough material for the husband to get at least a full hour of teasing in anyway.

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