Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Flo took her Lunar Lady Friend on a Holiday

Ok first up apologies for the subject! The "storytelling" just got the better of me and I promise I won't be delivering a series of updates on this topic but I did think it might be worth updating you on my experience with the Mooncup, especially as I had to take it away with me on my recent trip home!
Img_3074Initially I dreaded the thought of having to be between accommodation, long car trips and simply not being in my own space - I actually feel like this normally during my cycle and am sure I am not alone on this!  Testing the efficacy of the Mooncup did not fill me with my much joy even though since starting to use it in October 2010 I have been quite satisfied with it and am already saving money on buying sanitary products (in fact husband accidentally bought some as part of the usual shopping ritual and it remains unopened  and likely to for another few months I suspect).
My fears were unfounded in the end and I am happy to report that my Lunar Lady Friend travelled well. In fact it was a real pleasure not having to discretely dispose of the usual waste in a way that would not be offensive to my hosts or me in fact.  A couple of things certainly made it easier and reassured me that I quite like travelling with it.  In fact I was able to happily go about my business without anyone (including my husband) being any the wiser.
Although it is thoroughly cleaned I am still a bit of a freak about hygiene so I took a Milton sterilisation tablet with me. I prefer to sterilise immediately before use, rather than before storage (and that's me being obsessessed that for 3-4 weeks it remains in storage it accumulates 'imaginary germs').  Quite conveniently as soon as Flo makes her presence known, I can soak the cup for the mandatory 15 minutes, giving me enough time to jump in the shower and get ready to insert it (Flo is good like tha - she always arrives first thing in the morning - weird I know but it helps!).
I also found that at the end I like to soak the cup thoroughly in a solution of NutriClean Original Lotion Concentrate (and currently on special!) because it is so gentle, biodegradable and quite efficient at removing odour (not that the cup has any offensive odour but I prefer it returns to smelling more like its latex origins). Dry it thoroughly and then return it to its linen bag to store till next month!
I've had a chance to weigh up the benefits and I am still convinced it was a good choice.  Anyone else using one? How do YOU find it? Have you convinced others around you to use it?  What tips do you have?


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