Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In your Neighbourhood - Kingsland delivers

We got told Kingsland was the new Ponsonby of Auckland. Judging by our recent visit that perhaps the imminent RWC and maybe even a maturing population who moved in and never left, the grunge factor seems to have left this suburb and this could be true.

At the moment a great deal of Auckland's development is focussed on the influx of visitors for the Rugby World Cup.  Its also home to some retro chic boutiques, and wonderfully renovated villas housing a number of different businesses & professional services.  Like the rest of New Zealand, there are also great selections of 'street art' that appear every where. The 'gentrification' of Kingsland is ever more obvious with the recent addition, The Neigbourhood. This bar overlooking Eden Park lets you view the stadium's progress while sampling something from the extensive range on offer from the well established Mac's Brewery that has jumped on a very interesting channel distribution model by putting Macs Brewbars like the Neighbourhood all over the country. 

It is quite a large venue (200 pax) and even on a balmy Monday night had full tables out the front.  This is where the interiors really come into play, part saloon, part lounge, part library there are pockets to escape to or be seen in.  Judging by the posters around the place as well it has also served well as a live music venue wtih a number of residents well known in this part of the world. A generous window overlooking the park will be a great spot when the games start. Interior designers have had a lot of fun with this place and we spotted some of the chairs in there at design store Nood (get in there if you can especially the Britomart store - they were on special!).  Check out the cassette toilet wall - its genius.

As for the food and wine, you will find a generous selection to try. I would link to the menu here for you but frankly whomever decided to load a 7MB PDF (with the print marks intact) to their website needs to be shot IMHO (and the typeface does little to its legibility).

498 New North Road
Region: Auckland
Licence: Fully Licensed
Cuisine: Bar & Grill

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