Saturday, 12 March 2011

Where were you when...the Shaky Isles Coffee Co.

Tuesday 22 February will forever be in our hearts and minds as yet another earthquake (an after shock in fact) struck Christchurch. As kiwis returning home and literally off the plane merely hours before we a little startled by the fact that we were dining at the time, in what could be considered now, the rather unfortunately named, Shaky Isles Coffee Company in the Britomart complex in downtown Auckland. 
This ample sized venue opened late last year provides plenty of dining space for the largely tourist and business crowd in the area.  The servings were average and the fare simple.  Priding itself  on its coffee, you got a decent cup and probably one of the better options in the area.  The service was efficient and completely unintrusive.  It was a nice change to the surly Sydney flavour.
The cartoon graphics in the interior are refreshingly amusing and they have clearly earned a reputation for some of their installations.  We topped off a quick lunch, that soon turned into a desperate attempt to get news on Christchurch, with some really lovely fruit smoothies.  Highly recommended. So much so we enjoyed sampling each others but jealously guarded against swapping under any circumstance. 
It does get busy during lunch, but that doesn't seem to compromise the service at all.  Post rush it is a nice open, light filled space to stop en route from ferries, trains and buses in and out of Auckland city. I also managed to find free WIFI in the area so an even better place to linger. In the humidity of the Auckland summer the industrial interiors provide a cool haven and given it has only been open since November, I would be interested to find out how comfortable or cosy it will prove to be when Auckland's notoriously damp winter hits. It is a good spot to meet friends or as a meeting spot for weary travellers!


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