Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Unboxing :: Samsung Galaxy SII ... A N00b Reflects

So 1 June 2011 marked the release of the next iteration of the Samsung Android phone, the Galaxy SII here in Australia. I bit the bullet and decided to commit so that I could have a play of my first Android phone!  This is the virgin voyage so for all the fanbois/gurls out there, this post is not for YOU!  Those who know me will know that I've been wedded to the Blackberry family for a number of years, in fact I've put 5 handsets through their paces in the last four years.  The motivation to get a new handset was really the search for a handset that embraced 'social' and that I could avoid the extensive restrictions my corporate network places on devices so that I can be free to play and discover.

The unboxing was fairly uneventful as the Samsung is shipped lean - very lean.  And this is probably where I was not so impressed.  The box itself has an interesting rubberised coating. Once open the standard items are revealed:

  1. Loved the power supply - it is sleek, does not waste space at a power outlet, and ideal for travelling;
  2. Nothing remarkable with headphones, USB cable etc;
  3. There is no microSIM shipped - bit of a let down, as despite not being large, all my BB phones came with a microSIM;
  4. I was taken aback by the weight - extremely light;
  5. The plastic back cover is thin and I am a little worried that this could put it at risk in my vicious handbag!;
  6. The mobile muster bag was also a nice touch - well done telco!

So those are the physical attributes. Now to the software.  Shipped with Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) there is no doubt how responsive the phone is. I am comparing with the Blackberry Bold and the iPad experiences. I am dismissing the Blackberry entirely, the security protocols my employers have ensured that it is a clumsy and clunky experience.  The 4.3” Super AMOLED Plus screen is truly delicious. I am going to enjoy viewing images, online photo albums and videos without doubt. The sound quality is sharp and there is a shameless plug in this album for my brother-in-law's remixes!

So far so good, the next couple weeks will really about me discovering all the great things and of course starting to play closer attention to the Android world!  But I will say now, the lack of autocorrect has already convinced me that I will not be making any fruit-related decisions any time soon! Next stop will have to be some type of cover as I don't trust myself not to cause something terrible to happen to this handset!

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