Sunday, 11 September 2011

Aniseed Doughnuts with Berry Yoghurt - Malpoura

Doughnuts are a universal food and so many cultures have their respective versions of hot, crispy, sweetand fried goodness. Whether rolled in cinnamon sugar, dipped in chocolate, filled with bananas or with jam they delight just about everyone.

Rugby World Cup 2011 has kicked off on a chilly weekend.  I took advantage of the extra time indoors to prepare this treat for us. Deliciously flavoured with aniseed then soaked in macerated strawberries in a creamy yoghurt it is all sorts of indulgences and well worth the effort. You can either have them hot with cool sweet yoghurt on top for a lovely contract in textures, or soaked & swollen in the yoghurt.  It is a favourite in our house and this Kurma Das recipe is very easy to prepare so give it a go!

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