Thursday, 15 September 2011

Worth a Visit : Mushiro Japanese Restaurant - Balmain

Balmain is a popular part of town with some great eateries to choose from.  I haven't spent much time there at all so I was thrilled when out of the blue the husband decided we take a diversion off our usual route home from work and grab and early dinner (n.b. spontaneity is nice, do it often!).

We had hoped to stop into Efendy but found it closed for the night so we parked up off Darling Street and decided to have a bit of a wander. Unfortunately I am still recovering from a fall and had foolishly (in my own vanity) worn low heels that had by that time of night had me in extreme pain, so we weren't planning on wandering far.  We couldn't reach an agreement on what we wanted to eat once the thought of turkish food had entered our minds.  

We wandered past Mushiro three times, each time glancing just a little longer at the folk seated around the sushi train bar before we thought why not.

Because we were looking forward to an early night we decided not to be overly adventurous with the menu, which was quite good with several dishes available in every category.  We started with the obligatory miso soup. It was lovely, piping hot, lightly seasoned and just the right level of saltiness to be enjoyed.  

We decided on two gyoza to start with (prawn and vegetarian). Served beautifully on wooden board with a lovely tangy chilli sauce on the side.  They were delicious, not too oily with the flavoursome fillings that make gyoza one of our favourites.  

For mains we settled on simple favourites, salmon teriyaki and a chicken yakisoba. The salmon teriyaki was a happy medley of lovely pieces of fresh salmon with a salad of pickles.  The husband looked extremely happy with his choice. I had the yakisoba that was deliciously moreish. The noodles were perfectly dressed but not drowned by sesame oil and while it looked simple the flavours had you digging in for one more mouthful. We happily traded across the table and for me a sure sign of satisfaction was when hubby insisted on eating what I had left!

The service was lovely and the restaurant impeccably clean (if not stark). It is always a little disarming but notable that you can spot the chefs preparing sushi and waiting on the orders to prepare dishes. 

We waddled back to our car with full bellies knowing we would be back and how lucky Balmain locals are to have such a good choice for a Japanese eatery in their suburb.

Mushiro Japanese Restaurant

359 Darling St

Balmain, 2041

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