Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Knitting project : Needle Roll (Want not, waste not)

If there were a brief it would have been simply use up leftover yarn from the "Born to Knit" project for Save the Children Fund and do not buy anything else to finish the job.

Chaos in other parts of my life meant I needed a simple useful project so after finding my assortment of needles were left stabbing balls of wool in a basket and looked terrible, I decided a needle roll would be helpful.

I am happy to say I met my own 'brief' even if I ended up modifying along the way, overcomplicating things before finally arriving at a finished product that although not perfect will stop having my needles poking awkwardly and putting visitors in danger.

My materials ended up including

  • Calico for another project from last Christmas (that I will do this year!);
  • Yarn - cheap as chips from Big W clearance sale, pure wool and cheerful. Simple stocking stitch to desired size (I used my largest needles as a guide);
  • The ties were simple single crochet foundation stitches;
  • Ribbon - recycled from all of those Strawberrynet purchases (which some of you may recognise I suspect!);
  • Leftover felt - from another project from last year when I made stockings for my family (that was laborious on my part, now I would simply cheat).
  • Thread - I couldn't even be bothered threading a spool so used another colour (bad for the sewing machine I know!) so it ended up being a lovely fuschia and a purple that seemed to work well with the colours of the yarn.

Lessons: The similar project I had seen a photo of (maybe I should have read the instructions?!) actually involved threading the needles through the finished product done in a chunky yarn, rather than a separate insert like I made. I didn't like it particuarly much as it meant you could only use the middle part of the roll and it would be visible on the outside. The lesson was that it was probably tighter and stopped the needles from falling out. After finding that happened to mine I decided to use the felt to end as a cap.  I could have used more of the calico but found the firmness of the felt (a very inexpensive one) was perfect to give that extra security) and again it was using yet another product that had been sitting on shelves for a while and deserved to be used up.

Hoping to do a few more projects over the coming weeks as a work for the last few months has been something of an extreme sport so forcing my brain and hands to do something else has been therapeutic! If you have any ideas for me then leave a comment!


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