Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Trisected History of Rap

Not really sure how I missed this when they first came out but I have since made up for it I promise! I have to give considerable kudos to  the talent on these. Justin Timberlake, already recognised as somewhat a comic genius and quite the media darling. But the surprise for those of outside the US, is how incredible Jimmy Fallon is.  A real step away from the usual level of talent from the plethora of late night show presenters that are so popular there.

I loved the trip down memory lane with some of these, the arrangement is very clever, some great iconic tracks represented and pretty fly for a couple of white guys!  (humour: this is not a political statement. Living in Sydney I have learned hip hop has no colour bar which is awesome).

So here they are to save you having to search for them. Enjoy! (before they get pulled again!)




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