Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Cause for Celebration at Cotton Duck, Surry Hills

I took full advantage of marking my graduation day with the opportunity to have dinner at Cotton Duck where I had been keen to visit for a while particularly after exchanging much rugby world cup banter with their twitter account (any cause for kiwis to go nuts!). Chef Jared Ingersoll's comittment to ethical and sustainable produce has also been a drawcard.  It lived up to its promise and proved magic can be made close to home using the freshest ingredients.

Sitting at the edge of Surry Hills' bustling dining district, Cotton Duck is an urban oasis of calm. The industrial finish of concrete floors are softened by beautiful ply wood sculptured lighting and a growing feature wall.  It is unpretentious Sydney dining at its best. Lovely staff are attentive but quietly go about their business without interfering with your evening. With an open view to the kitchen you can watch the unfrenzied preparation of your meals. Even with the hard finished interior I was struck by how little noise was generated in the kitchen. Many suburban cafes could learn a thing or two on what a difference it makes to your dining experience. The "moustachioed" team in the kitchen were also clearly having fun this evening with their music selection and we enjoyed hearing a soulful blend from Fat Freddy's Drop to D'Angelo. We could have partied with these guys any day!

We grew mildly concerned when two dishes we were keen to get were not available that evening (we hadn't got to ordering mains yet!) but we needn't have been concerned. As each course came to our table we had moments of sheer magic as flavours burst in our mouth. There was a lot of sharing of dishes and "try this" happening at our table. It is also delightful that this is a venue that brings wonderfully bread rolls to your table, a chance to try a delicious taste plate (Crispy yam and the smokiest babaganoush and it was delicious) and close with a simple petit four of fresh cherries dipped in chocolate.  

Cotton Duck epitomises the theory of "surprising and delighting" its customers. Each dish had a "mouth popping" finish leaving us in little doubt we would be back again soon.

Cotton Duck
50 Holt Street
Surry Hills 

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* We were not guests of Cotton Duck and all meals were paid in full

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