Monday, 5 December 2011

Sweetness and Light :: Flour and Stone, Woolloomoolloo

Craving a coffee and something to quell the post-pool tummy rumbles I convinced Mr T we had to check out a recent addition to the cafe/bakery scene, Flour and Stone.  After a compelling write up by @aptronym on the Sydney Tarts site we were hopeful it would hit the spot.
That it did! Mr T who has been on a health kick of late has shunned all baked goods for nearly three months so I was surprised as he was captivated by the gorgeous delights in this lovely bakery. A chocolate brioche, fine apple tart and toasted sandwich made of brioche toast filled buffalo mozarella, ripe tomatoes and basil joined the Coffee Alchemy brew at our table.  Mr T doesn't eat cooked fruit of any description but as he happily tucked into the caramelly goodness of the fine apple tart I was left quite bemused. The flaky pastry base and whisper thin slice would be enticing for anyone!
Lining the display is an array of gorgeously decorated ginger bread cookies made famous by Cookie Couture's Nadine Ingram.  While only stopping for a short visit I grab a decadent looking block of white chocolate nougat to gift my afternoon tea hostess that afternoon. Can't wait to hear what she thought!  Flour and Stone have adopted the tagline "Baked for Love, Life & Happiness" and given the decadent treats on offer and their careful attention to detail they are living up to it. Passionate staff enthusiastically answer questions and share their love for what they do. Oh to bottle that energy!
There is no doubt that there is something for every sweet or savoury tooth to enjoy and I know that the tranquility we enjoyed on Saturday morning won't last long as this lovely spot grows in popularity!
53 Riley Street

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