Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cafe: Beignets? Mais oui s’il vous plait! Parisian Patisserie Boulangerie, North Essendon

A recent quick trip to Melbourne would have left me quite disappointed if I couldn’t fit in at least one decent coffee or dining experience. Thankfully a suburban French bakery allayed my fears and turned out to be a favourite of our hosts. Despite it being a working day, I could fit in a quick lunch a stone’s throw from where we were staying.

I was pleased to have a couple of dining companions, because in addition to their fine company it actually means a few more dishes to sample! Winking smile We were sent off with the very helpful instructions “look out for the white bicycle with the french sticks in a basket”.

A simple crisp white interior automatically draws your attention to the colourful cabinets where your eyes feast on the promise of some delectable pastries and cakes. We decided to start with coffees while we chatted and all of us were happy with our respective brew. We decided food had to be on the cards despite being distracted by the fresh beignets that seemed to be teasing us. We opted for all three styles of crème, jam and chocolat. We decided the savoury brioche also looked too good to miss and I ordered a roasted veg while Mr T chose a spinach and feta.

The beignets arrived at our table first and we all wondered who would crack first. It turned out to be R and has he tucked into his beignet, an opulent ruby jam oozed out. This fresh-as-can be donut doesn’t skimp on filling and R was one happy punter based on his happy little grunts (do blokes even know they do this??!).

Mr T and I were just about ready to succumb but thankfully our savoury brioche arrived in time. The pastry is absolutely gorgeous, decadent and rich without the awful heavy greasy aftermath you can get. Both had a tasty balance of filling to pastry and admittedly they were pretty filling.

This of course didn’t stop us from another round of coffees to accompany our neglected beignets. It was worth the wait! Mine was filled with a smooth creamy vanilla bean infused crème that was just sweet enough (especially with the coating of icing sugar it could have easily been too much). The chocolat beignet had a lovely creamy dark centre that was neither too bitter nor too sweet. We were all fans by the end of that.

With so much to try and running out of time, we grabbed half a dozen croissants to take home. They turned out to be beautifully light and flaky and not really didn’t any filling of any description at all. Definitely made our list of spots for next visit! Have you been here before? What did you think? Oh and how did I find out about this place despite it being a stone’s throw from the sibling’s place? Crowdsourced of course – from one my favourite beagles on twitter!

Parisian Patisserie Boulangerie

19 Keilor Road
Essendon VIC 3040
(03) 9379 3815

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