Friday, 15 March 2013

A Cheeky & Sustainable Solution to Baby Wipes

Child rearing in the western world seems like the most resource intense and wasteful pastime much of it courtesy of big name brands that have been the sole educators for new mums with direct access to them via even the maternity wards (ever wondered where we get our knowledge of menstruation as well? sorry that may have been a bit much right off the bat right but think about it?!). I had been warned in the past by experienced Mums that commercial wipes were notorious for aggravating nappy rash so I was interested in finding an alternative.

I had resolved to buy bamboo viscose, cut to size and serge the edges however my little sewing machine was not going to create the joyful tidy little cloths that I wanted that an overlocker would achieve. As I researched online for what solutions parents were using and how I stumbled across this product Cheeky Wipes, based in the UK.

While I contemplated getting it from them I was relieved to learn that the founders had partnered up to bring the product to Australia and had started the company for the very reasons I was looking for their product (it would have been really helpful if the UK site referenced the Australian business).

I decided to opt for the “All in One” starter kit and though I thought it was priced at the high end ($59.95) the practicality and convenience of the solution was enough to convince me that a tired new parent didn’t need to overcomplicate matters! In hindsight, best decision I made for my household. I also got extra wipes, which I am really glad I did because even with a warm Sydney summer,  I have reduced the pressure to do frequent washes just to have enough wipes on hand. I find the cost of extra wipes OTT – bamboo ones are more than $1 per unit so the margins are fairly steep. The terry cotton wipes pose better value for money but I am still not that keen to be throwing money towards someone sewing on all the little tags!

The kit includes the containers (“mucky” and “fresh”), wipes and essential oils to start you off. The practicality of a wash bag inside the “mucky” container that you can throw in the wash. You also get a great little travel system that means you can take your fresh wipes with you in your nappy bag and a “mucky” bag that has a zip out wash bag as well. The essential oils will keep things nice and fresh smelling, and the colour coding will prevent contaminating clean cloths. Simple, functional.

I was really appreciative of how easy it was to set up and get going. The colour coding also meant I could get grandma and papa up to speed and using the system in no time and most importantly even with my having antibiotics, both of us vaccinated, the annoying stifling humidity and any number of things that dictate the “explosiveness” of things my little dragon has only suffered the most minor nappy rash which is usually cleared after a single application of balm.

I would recommend this as a great gift for new parents, or just a new arrival. The solution does make it easier to make the choice to move away from disposable, chemical laced wipes and the versatility for use in home and out and about means I may be using these for a few years to come. The outlay is a little steep in my opinion but the convenience has outweighed the cost and it would easily pay for itself in the first six months.


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