Sunday, 10 March 2013

Breaking A Long Absence

I took an unplanned break from documenting life a little recently – didn’t stop living it mind you, just found myself particularly short on “me” time to capture it in writing. The facebooks, twitters, burpples and instagrams of this world continued to chronicle my activity in bite sized chunks but having time to reflect in words was not on the cards.   Here’s why.

2012 was a bountiful year – “bountiful” because there were events that punctuated change, learning and loss. We kicked off the year with the nuptials of two beloved family members in New Zealand and in Melbourne. We snuck in a trip to Adelaide (a first and I will share my visit to Maggie Beer’s farm one day) then returned to life in corporate Australia thinking all the ‘hyper’-activity would settle down for the remainder of what we thought would be an uneventful year.

It wasn’t to be – the passing of a six year old family member and the mourning that followed left an indelible mark. To add to the sadness, while I sat in their family home assisting with funeral arrangements the media were parked outside my corporate office broadcasting the imminent large scale job cuts. A moment that proved an opportunity to question priorities.

It wasn’t surprising that in the melee that I was somewhat neglectful of my own health. I’m  normally am pretty good (thanks to a chronic condition) at picking up whether I need to change what I am doing. I had to fit in another trip to Melbourne for more family occasions but I had a nagging feeling something was off base but kept pushing it aside. Whatever magic the Universe planned for us it was sending some strong signals –  while we grieved the passing of one child we discovered we were expecting one of our own.  A surprise blessing quite unlike any other.

So there I was facing potential job loss with precious cargo on board! Self preservation kicked in and my focus switched to staying health and enjoying the pregnancy. I did fit in a trip to Singapore (‘baby moon’) and enjoyed some great food (not as varied as I would have liked but the return visit shall be different!). I survived the first cull at my employment, then the second, then as the year closed for Christmas I farewelled my colleagues and prepared for the toughest gig I would likely ever face and new job title. I was about to become a “baby momma”.

So here I am 7 weeks since becoming a mum to a gorgeous healthy little girl and revisiting this neglected outlet. There are plenty of posts waiting to be uploaded and as time permits these will make an appearance. Things have changed of course and while fancy restaurants, cooking experiments and food experiences are now limited, I will be sharing what I am learning on this journey, so be warned there may be many parent-related discoveries a long the way and probably some more crafting as finances dictate my source of recreation (theatre we enjoyed a 20 yr relationship but I am on a short break for now!). Hopefully those that have enjoyed my posts in the past can appreciate the transition and as with all things life moves on and a new phase has started for me! This blog will too evolve as I make this often difficult transition.

Thanks for hanging in there and if you have just recently dropped in – look forward to sharing with you in the future!

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Reemski said...

Yay! Looking forward to the posts!

RadhikaR said...

Thanks Reemski! Almost cathartic to be back!

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