Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mother’s Little Helper: OSIM uCozy Neck and Shoulder Massager

My “baby moon” trip to Singapore was a great opportunity for me to get out and about walking everywhere post the first trimester roller coaster. With the humidity, heat and wavering energy levels I found a haven in the OSIM chain of stores in one of the many malls that line Orchard Road. They specialise in therapeutic devices such as massagers, chairs, and the really wild and wonderful eye massager goggles! This store had an entire lounge room set up for their high end chairs where customers were booked into to try them out in a tranquil spa-like set up. I stared enviously and made do with amusing myself with what was on display.

I have owned those hideous ‘shiatsu’ machines in the past – the kind that knead you into a more painful knot than what you had to begin with so I was a little sceptical when I tried uCozy Neck and Shoulder massager but the level of relief it provided for tired muscles without the hideous punitive infliction of more pain. I rated its performance “ZOMG” (my own classification system, feel free to borrow). It was great on the legs after walking many kms in a day and sore shoulders & neck. It turned the lovely lounge recliner in our hotel room into a mini spa!Osim massager 11-03-2013

It is has the option to use with or without heat – the rolling motion is gentle without hard edges (it has nice smoothly tapered edges) and the heating is delicious when the temperature starts to cool.

Now that dragon is in my arms all the time, lots of rocking, changing, lifting etc I am finding this wee contraption my greatest source of relief as without any babysitters to call on, a one hour massage for this tired body is one luxury I will have to put on hold for a bit longer.

I didn’t realise until writing this post that a store had been opened here in Sydney, at Westfield Parramatta. I may just have to call into this store for 5 mins of rest too one day!

What other indulgences have you invested in as tired new parents? Which ones were the best or most overrated??

Where to find : OSIM Australia WebShop

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