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Baby Bouquets– Make a Gorgeous Gift

Given I recently shared what I gave as a baby gift (Cupcake Onesies) I thought I would have a couple of posts for things that I received quite recently for my new arrival. Basically items that I have loved, found really useful or unique that you might like for gift ideas.
One commercial baby gift specialist makes these gorgeous “baby bouquets” in lovely gift sets. Perfect for corporate gifts etc. I was so intrigued by the “bouquet” itself that I was curious to work out how to do it myself and thought I would share it with you. The photos amuse me largely because they were taken in ‘reverse’ order  - the unwrapping, which I found just as useful to learn how to do it!
This is the gorgeous gender neutral gift box that also featured a little bouquet of singlets and socks.
2012-12-17 14.05.16
What you Need:
  • Selection of newborn clothing – singlets, socks, bibs, onesies
  • Floral wire
  • Artificial foliage – flat leaves
  • Floral tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Tissues
  • Coloured tissue paper or wrapping paper
Fold the item of clothing into a narrow flat rectangle by folding in all sides.
Take approx 30 cm length of floral wire, and fold in half.
Take the wire (folded end) and place at one end of the rectangle fabric. Take the rectangle - start by folding down a corner to form a point at the end over the wire then start rolling around this point to form a rosebud shape.
Hold in place with a rubber band
Wind folded tissue tightly around the base of the bud, leaving enough fabric above the tissue to resemble a flower and enough to tissue at the bottom to elongate the bud and form the head of the stalk.
Tightly wrap sticky tape around the tissue paper & garment.
Spread 2-3 artificial leaves around the base of the bud and squeeze the metal stalks down the base of the bud so there are no protrusions. Sticky tape around the bud tightly.

Taking floral tape, wind from the tissue line all the way to the base, making sure as little of the base is visible at all.  Keep winding all the way down the base of the bud and down the length of the floral wire to create a uniform green layer and form your stalk. Might not be achieveable with the single length of tape but try to give it a go, the tape wraps itself nicely and you can add a piece without it being noticeable. Wrap the tape up and over the end of the wire as well to cover up the end. That should be your first bud complete.
Repeat for as many flowers you desire having in the bouquet and whatever clothing items you wish to display this way.
Once completed place all buds in a tight bunch, making sure the head of each bud will sit nicely in a bouquet. Then wind all the stalks very tightly around each other in one direction to form one thicker stalk. Tape the bud heads tightly together with sticky tape. Wrap the flowers with coloured tissue paper or wrapping paper.  Admire your work before preparing it for giving!
Thankfully all these items are fairly forgiving and there is no permanent damage to the materials if you make a mistake so practice to your heart’s desire!

The author is unaware of any intellectual property rights to either the method these items are made or the idea itself and does intend to harm the commercial interests of the businesses that trade in this product.

*Updated assembly instructions 9/4/2013


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