Monday, 1 April 2013

Cupcake Onesies – Easy Presentation Idea for a Cute Baby Gift

A friend of mine was expecting a baby a few weeks before mine and I had been crocheting a pram blanket for her and wanted to add a little something to make it extra special. I came across a great little presentation idea that turned simple little onesies and socks into gorgeous little “cupcakes”.

Detailed instructions and assembly pictures can be found here. These folks enjoyed making these as much as I did and I really like the idea of presenting them in cupcake boxes – very cute. Next time!

Sourcing onesies – without a doubt we’re still paying too much for baby clothes in Australia and individual onesies are still fairly pricey. As you need a few to make up a set of these(4-6 ideally)  I ended up sourcing them from Amazon, as I was also after lots of plain white ones for painting at my baby shower (that never eventuated but I did end up with plenty of handy white onesies to put under rompers and dresses etc). You can get decent US brands like Carters, Oshkosh etc and I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cotton in the Disney onesies I bought.   Amazon had a selection of ‘bulk’ options and sets and now that we’re on a budget facing a single income in Sydney, even with paying a premium on freight meant it was cheaper sourcing them this way. I also grabbed the socks from there and now wish I had bought more for my own girl.

If you’re even the occasional baker I am sure you have cupcake wrappers/sleeves in the pantry. You will need to secure the “cupcake” in order for it to hold its shape with the standard fan variety of wrappers. I used the deeper cup style as they are much firmer and as you will see below I didn’t need to fasten any aspect of the “cupcake” to make it sit.

For convenience I prewashed everything (and popped a little note in the gift letting Mum know) so if she wished she could go ahead and start using them straight away.  I did a bit of a ‘mod’ and avoided using tape to brace the onesie – instead I used the ankle of the sock to fold up and over itself and the suit to hold everything in place in the “cupcake”.  You may see in one of the photos below that I allowed the edge of one to come up a little higher to add a layered effect to the top of the “cupcake”. It fit snugly into the wrapper that way. Because the gift was being posted I couldn’t really trust that heat from sorting machinery wouldn’t cause the tape to leave residue on the clothes.

The “cupcakes” accompanied a pram blanket I had crocheted in a cotton blend (summer baby) and I thought it made for a lovely gift to welcome a new baby (she had a gorgeous wee girl!).


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