Monday, 8 April 2013

Postage Stamps & Caffeine

The realities of stepping away from a full time and full on corporate gig to be at home with a newborn are starting to hit home on the financial stakes. The costs of raising a child in an urban centre like Sydney is a challenge and I have taken all the advice I can of other families that have endured it and come out richer for it thanks to their creativity and ability to seek out pastimes that whet the appetite.

Sleepless nights, bedraggled appearance and neverending list of things that need to be done has meant that I have to find pleasure in little things that can give me short bursts or daily doses of bliss during “me time”.  Even though my daughter’s delicious giggles and smiles are immeasurable on the “bliss” stakes.

IMG_20120825_133112My weekly budget these days extends to coffees (other than what I consume at home). Coffee dates these days aren’t as much about dining out as seeking out adult company and different scenery to occupy an active baby.





The second item is postage stamps. Odd as it sounds in this day and age, I am experiencing considerable joy penning a note to loved ones whether it is a birthday, condolence or a simple ‘thank you’. In a few short weeks (11 to be exact) I have sent more mail than I would have in probably 2 years! And it has given me so much joy which I hope in turn it brings a fraction of that to the recipients.  I wear a smile on my face every time I seal an envelope and affix a stamp. I get the same buzz when I put them in the mail box or drop them at the post office.

I was inspired to take this up thanks to this beautiful TED talk which I still think is a marvellous gesture but it made me question “why not love letters to those you love?”.  While I am not exactly sending love letters, they are symbolic of “I remember you and honour you”. 

Please watch the talk, your heart might thank you for it.

What simple act brings you a daily dose of bliss? Especially when you have had a life change?


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