Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Woods Deli & Cafe – A Suburban Secret

I became all too painfully aware when venturing beyond Sydney’s inner western suburbs that decent cafes were one of the first sacrifices to be made so it was such a relief to hear that the Earlwood border with Clemton Park was now home to quite a pleasant offering.

The Woods opened in 2011 and is the labour of love of chef Emma Woods (hence the name and the convenient tie in to earlWOOD!). With names like Rockpool, Billy Kwong, Rick Stein Restaurant, The Swell and the Light Brigade Hotel under her belt, the dishes were never going to be boring or woefully common.


I have visited there now an embarrassingly number of times but the fact that I have been fortunate enough to get a table, fast and friendly service and delicious meals more times than not has had me returning time and time and again.  The menu is well thought out and packed with fresh flavours – you do not leave hungry but your eyes wickedly entice you try something sweet from the counter.  Serving Stazione Espresso coffee they have become a popular stop for the afterschool pickup crowd and you will encounter many young things quite expert in ordering their carer’s favourite brew.  Bread comes from Infinity Bakery in Darlinghurst.  Also available are a selection of homemade jams and relishes and all food is prepared on the premises.  They are also offering dinners on the last Saturday of the month which hopefully when we find a babysitter we might be able to go along to!

The menu has evolved from the website listings taking into account available produce. The staples on the breakfast menu (delightfully available till 3pm) are consistently good and the a la carte menu features some lovely pasta dishes, grills etc so that you can have a “special occasion” meal with friends & family without feeling like you have battled the rest of Sydney to get there.

Some of my favourite dishes (and ones regularly on the menu):

  • White chocolate croissant cake – yes a mega slice of this delicious almost pudding like cake will knock yWoodsCroissant.jpgou flat on your a…s. A stretchy waistband is required. Layers of fluffy croissant encased in white chocolate will have you heading for the diet confessional in no time!;










  • Chorizo omelette – packed with chorizo, feta and spinach, every mouthful will have you declining every boring eggy omelette mess from anyone else forever! In fact you could call it a “Nom-lette”;


  • Fried eggs on a bed of herby salad greens, chickpeas, oyster sauce, pumpkin, topped with fried shallots is a moreish taste sensation. Almost a dish of “Here a few of my favourite things. I would also see myself consuming it as a hangover cure by justifying that it was healthy.WoodsEggs.jpg



The Woods Cafe & Deli
160 William Street








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Unknown said...

That croissant cake made me drool a little bit.

RadhikaR said...

Lisa - dangerously lethal!! And most definitely worth trying! Come back and visit soon!

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