Friday, 7 June 2013

Next Best Kitchen Utensil - Disposable Chinese Soup Spoons

We’re hurtling into baby wrangling at a pace I didn’t think possible (who would have thought doing so little would feel like so much?!).  We’re currently embarking on first foods play and if there are screw ups to be made I have made a selection of them so far (burnt pots…etc etc). Thankfully my wee bundle is loving the experience so her mama has to get on with filling the freezer with options as making fresh each time is a calculated risk with such an active wee thing.

Anyway I am left smiling to myself a little bit as I discovered a handy little helper in of all things – a disposable chinese soup spoon. Spooning pureed fruit into teeny tiny baby food cubes to go in the freezer. The lip of the spoon holds goopy goo in nicely and clears out the pot rather nicely, better than the usual utensils I might use including the fancier kitchen variety!



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