Saturday, 20 July 2013

Making Your Own Wet Wipes at Home

I’m naturally suspicious – doesn’t matter what they tell me on the label is in the baby wipes it just doesn’t seem quite right and when I am not using my fabric wipes, I keep home made “wet wipes” on hand for clean ups that just should not be sitting on fabric waiting for the next laundry load (yes we have started solids!).

There are loads of recipes online but the following is my favourite combo and it is actually pleasant to open the container to these and the clean up efficacy is really good (Mr T likes them alot when he is on diaper duty). With teething upon as well I find this recipe a nice gentle remedy for soon-to-be sore skin on cloth wipes as well.  Works well with disposables and cloth nappies.


Roll of strong paper towels (you can also use woven wash cloths like “Chux” that you can wash and reuse)
2 cups boiled water
1 chamomile tea bag
1 tblsp sweet almond oil
2 tblsp rosewater
2 tsp soap free baby wash (optional)


Watch TV late at night and tear off each of those sheets and fold in half. This was the most efficient way to get  such a tedious job done without interfering with the rest of your life! Using a container (I used an empty commercial wipes container).

Pour the boiling water into a glass jug with a chamomile tea bag and leave it to cool. At this point I take all my materials to the bathroom and mix in the the other ingredients into the glass bowl. It will have a caramelly colour to it from the chamomile.

Separating the towels into about three piles I place a third into the container and pour enough of the mixture to soak the first few layers then with the palm of my hand press down allowing the bottom layers to soak. I flip the entire pile around and press again. I place the next third on top of this and repeat. Then again with the final third. Do not pour all the liquid at once as the amount of fluid the towels can contain will depend on its absorbency. There should not be excess fluid, and the cloths should not be soaked to the point of disintegration or even if you can wring out the liquid. Pull out lots, turn and press to even out the liquid. You will find that less is more and the towels will soak up the moisture while sitting in the container.

You can take out a portion from here to put in a snap lock bag and take with you. They are great on little hands and faces as well.  If you have the hard wipes cases they will fit with only a small amount of excess to fold over.  The oil in this mix helps “preserve” the wipes and makes it very gentle on skin. Another popular ingredient is witch hazel which acts as an astringent.

If you have any mixture left over you can always decant it into a spray bottle to keep in the nappy bag to spritz on reusable cloth wipes or flannels.



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