Monday, 27 January 2014

My Name in … A Tattoo

So it came as a surprise to me when Mr T decided he wanted to get a tattoo. For the last 14 years he had been decidedly against if not ambivalent about them. While he didn’t reject, he certainly didn’t support my desire to ink a design I have had in my head since I was 12.   But apparently becoming a Dad and turning 40 messed with his head, and likely also the fact that two of his older brothers had in the last few years had significant pieces done around their 40th birthdays. Either way I didn’t honestly believe he could go through with it – this is a man who let me once try to wax his leg, 15 years ago, we didn’t get beyond one strip and he hasn’t forgiven me for the pain since (pfffft!).

He was to prove me wrong on that front as he did the full sleeve pictured below in one sitting (didn’t see that coming!). But never short of surprises, he informed me a few days before the event that he was getting my name as well as the dragon’s incorporated into the piece. Now I will be completely honest, I really wasn’t too sure about how I felt about that. It certainly wasn’t the heedy act of a young besotted lover, it was after 14 years of coupledom and everything that comes along with it – highs, lows, bereavements, travel, new jobs, new cities and then along came a little person to add to the mix.

The piece that emerged thanks to the exceptional talents of one of New Zealand’s most talented tattooists, Steve Ma Ching, is quite beautiful (IMO!) and I had to agree if I was to spend the rest of what would be our time together would be then I certainly didn’t mind looking at that!  Our names are etched closest to his heart.


Post ink recovery included a lovely product called Tinkture blended by the wonderfully talented and beautifully inked herself Gillian of Le’esscience in Wellington. It smells gorgeous and I enjoyed catching a quick whiff of it every now and then myself. Mr T felt the integrity of the colour was well preserved thanks to it and he had minimal if any dead skin to deal with in the healing process. He also used the remarkable powers of RAPture – this little magic potion is aimed at helping the human canvas get through the session. Given he had no other comparison and had no numbing compounds of any description he was quietly reassured by the efficacy of this little helper.

Although it has now been a few months to get used to, I am still not sure how I feel about having my name tattooed on someone. Have you had your name tattooed on someone else? How did you feel about it?