Saturday, 10 May 2014

It’s OK to Look Down

A while back I had posted about the ‘sistahood’, the one that I had found when my existing network was forced to break down, and I had to re-evaluate and move on because making that transition into the realm of parenthood meant embracing and letting go all at the same time.

My village has extended in that time and there are parts of it that are purely virtual, people I have never met but we’ve found commonality in spirit, ideas and thought. And those that are real life connections who, by virtue of the social aspects of social media, are available when your lifestyle no longer suits late night phone calls when you need some support and motivation.

So this morning when the usual wake up rituals of chaos of living with a toddler had calmed down I enjoyed this post from a dear member of my village. It features the talents of a woman in her village asking us to redefine the indignation of connection via social media. “Look up look up” they say but sometimes and for many that lifeline lay in looking down for minute to read something that would soothe. It does not mean not being present but can occasionally be the reason you are.

As delivered by the spoken word, please take a moment to reflect on the message and be your own judge:


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