Sunday, 17 August 2014

Review: Green Dragon Epsom Salts

When my body hurts it hurts bad. A bad flare up can result in debilitating pain and extreme fatigue. A totally hostile state of being for me because, well, I suffer from FOMO Who me?

In a recent conversation with a massage therapist of long standing, he mentioned a product he had been working on for his clients and to grab a sample from some that my brother-in-law (an intense gym-goer) was using.  A new product he had been working on for a range for his clients. He had been testing it with them and modified his recipe to arrive at his latest creation. The market research  and his genius has paid off because the final product rivals a luxury spa brand I splashed out for a few years ago because I truly wanted to believe in the hype!  Don’t get me wrong it was certainly delicious but at a horrendous expense and with variable results. He suggested taking a bath using his Green Dragon Epsom Salts


Now this product is not for the faint hearted, it is a muscle soak and as such it is not going to take you on a floaty fantasy down the Nile as you imagine life as Cleopatra bathed in milk and fragrant flowers. These salts work on tired, aching muscles, but most blissfully, the addition of cinnamon and ginger essential oils ensures you don’t have to worry about smelling like the inside of a sports physiotherapist’s kit bag. These are an extremely cost effective alternative that gave that big name label I have a serious run.

I was feeling super sore after a rigorous osteopathic treatment for a fall that has slam dunked my leg and my back. A bit of toddler taming added to the mix and I was in a fair amount of pain that afternoon and was looking forward to getting home to get painkillers on to it. Instead I gratefully took up the suggestion of taking a bath using a sample of the salts (its own hilarious escapade as a “dragon” went to considerable effort to join me along with every bath toy in the house, but I wouldn’t recommend bathing children in it! All joking aside always double check what essential oils you use with children). After desperate pleas for an uninterrupted bath were finally heard I got to relax and let the salts do their thing.   After some post bath recovery with a bit of heat massage from my lovely massager I found the desperation for pain killers dissipated and was replaced by a delicious longing for sleep. A bloody success in my books!GreenDragon  I honestly  can’t wait to be able to take another bath!

So I am thrilled to be able to offer a lucky reader in  Australia the chance to try Green Dragon Epsom Salts (RRP $30) for themselves thanks to the generosity of Green Dragon’s creator, Ian Blewitt. This 600g stainless steel canister (love the packaging) is enough for 12 baths.

All you need to do answer the question “What is one thing you do to make sure you are taking care of yourself?” in the comments below and complete this online form with your details! The draw will close in one week at 10pm AEST Sunday 24 August 2014 and the lucky recipient will be selected randomly and contacted via the details they have completed.

But if you can’t wait to try it out head on over to the Green Dragon website and check out the rest of the range. You can also get the bath salts refills for $20.


Unknown said...

Man, I wish I could get my hands on some of this!

Unknown said...

Read a good book, take a nice walk or a long hot soak in the tub

Lindsey said...

Sleep, lots & lots of glorious wonderful yummy sleep, under mountains of billowing duck down on a crisp chilly long winter's night. Absolute bliss !!

Sam said...

Not being afraid to go to bed at 7:30pm, if that's what you need.

RadhikaR said...

Such wonderful suggestions folks!! Don't forget to complete the online form please so I can contact you if you're the lucky recipient of these gorgeous salts!

dekrazee1 said...

The one thing? Taking at least 1/2 an hour a week to sit and think.
And sleep.... :P

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