Saturday, 13 September 2014

You Weren’t Ok– And that is Ok

I'm sharing something that happened this week that made me sad. Twice I experienced someone going through a hardship/concern/deep pain and they broke down and tears flowed. They both apologised for this - one for "being unprofessional" another for "ruining your lunch".  This happened on "R U OK?” week.


Can I please please please just put this out there to the universe and to you the people I care more than a stuff about, you will never ever have to apologise to me because your heart needed healing and you felt I could help?? Even if it was just to let you talk or hold your hand.

I am not good at asking for help. I need to get better. Having a child and being away from family meant that I have had to learn to. The hardest thing I had to say once was “I am really lonely”. I just needed some company and I didn’t want dragon to get caught up in my loneliness as a parent without a support network beyond my nuclear family. So I believe these people were stronger than me because they let their emotions flow in front someone that they never thought they would do it in front of. It bought them some time. To process. That is so beneficial to a heart that is heavy.

That is all. Much has been made about mental health this week. I am leaving this right here  - sometimes the heart needs healing so the mind doesn’t fall down the rabbit hole. An apology makes me sad because a ‘thank you’ is more than enough.


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