Writing this page is always a challenge for me.

My words, like my life, reflect the mishmash of interests, life experiences, career and passions that I have. Things that kept this Type A child occupied during rainy school holiday, with enough "projects' left over to occupy a younger sibling! Which is a true story which my grateful working mother considered a helpful alternative to expensive holiday programmes for two kids!

I love food, politics, cooking, dining, arts, cars, beagles, kitchenware, gender politics, music (lots of it), race politics, the law, alternative medicine, digital media, technology, gadgetry, books, craft (knitting, crochet and sewing), jewellery (silversmith, precious metal clay and beading), a recently ignited interested in life viewed through a lens, and everything in between. Punctuated by a hot, decently brewed coffee, and please let there be a rugby game I can watch while enjoying a beautiful glass of wine.

Not all lawyers are boring some of us are bigger tech geeks & reincarnated marketers or in my case all of the above. Professionally I am a greater anomoly: a marketer who went into IT, which funded studies in Law, which led to dabbling with insolvency law, refugee & immigration law, gain admission to the Bar while working in B2B Sales, so that I could return to marketing (segment, channel, direct, comms, digital) to cross the Tasman and become a project manager (green belt, lean, six sigma), in order to now manage sourcing, tenders, commercial partnerships and agency rosters. And while I am taking a breath and raising my beautiful new baby I wonder if I should continue coaching?

Now you're suitably aghast, please feel free to subscribe, comment and chat away! Meeting people 'in real life' is my real passion and can occasionally demonstrate even acceptable behaviour so feel free to connect! 

P.S Want to know how to pronounce my name? "Radhika"


Unknown said...

Lawyers are far from boring, the most eccentric, quirky person I've ever known was my dad. He was a lawyer, I still have his collection of law jokes somewhere :)

- joi

RadhikaR said...

Aaah a kindred spirit! So you can understand how bitterly unfair this label can be!?? Especially when your nuttiness has the potential to be such a source of entertainment! Welcome btw!

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